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Meet the Committee

Helen Nicholson
Helen Nicholson
Committee Chair
After many years of not being able to help due to my daughter needing a lot of support, I'm now able to put my time into helping Earlybirds and all the children that attend including my son.

I love working with a team that are so dedicated in what they want to achieve in helping Earlybirds run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. I'm hoping I can help in doing so.

Contact: Helen.earlybirdscommittee@gmail.com
Liz Skinner
Liz Skinner
Committee Member Fundraising
Hi I'm Liz
I joined the committee to help raise money for Earlybirds as my daughter goes here and I think it's an amazing nursery.
I also was interested in knowing how the nursery is run.

Contact: Liz.earlybirdscommittee@gmail.com